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Parquet Saws from Roll

Unlike traditional hardwood flooring, parquet flooring is made from small slats to create a distinct, repeating pattern which is then glued down to the subfloor or slab. While it was once common in homes, more people are choosing to remove it in favor of hardwood, tile, or other options. Removing parquet flooring typically requires a prybar and hammer along with hours of tedious, back-breaking work but with the Roll Parquet Saw, you can cut through it easily to then remove with a prybar or, preferably, a floor scraper.

Why Choose a Parquet Floor Saw

The Roll Parquet Saw is equipped with a durable, carbide blade that is lowered into the flooring, cutting through the parquet slats quickly but without damaging the subfloor beneath. By scoring the wood first with the saw, removal then takes a fraction of the time.

Consider the benefits of a flooring saw from Roll:

  • No bending or kneeling to cut through the flooring;
  • Easily adjust the depth of the cuts;
  • Minimal dust and particles in the air;
  • Saves time and increases productivity.

Also, because these parquet floor saws are from Roll, you can feel confident that you’re getting high-quality, durable equipment that was built to ensure optimal results. Based in Germany, Roll is one of Europe’s leading designers and manufacturers of surface preparation equipment.

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If you need to remove parquet or another glued-down hardwood flooring, a Roll Parquet Flooring Saw will make the job faster, safer, and more profitable. To learn more about our flooring saws, contact our team today at  (815)472-9744 or fill out a contact form.