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Roll floor scrapers are designed to be durable, versatile, and efficient to help you save time on your surface preparation tasks while still getting the professional quality you need. However, your scraper is only going to be as good as the blade you’re using, so if your current blades are getting dull or chipped, elevate your performance with our selection of Roll scraper blades.

About Roll GmbH

Based in Sonnenbuhl, Germany, this family-owned business has been a leading designer and manufacturer of floor strippers and other surface preparation equipment in Europe for over four decades. We are proud to be the first United States distributor of their equipment and products and look forward to increasing their visibility and customer base.

Replacement Scraper Blade Replacements

We carry replacement floor scraper blades made from high-quality metal for all three varieties of Roll floor strippers. For the Roll BullyStripper, the blade is an 8.3 inch wide, universal use blade that easily scrapes tile, linoleum, carpet, vinyl, and other materials.

Roll Stripper RO-3 Scraper Blades

For the more compact 12-inch Roll Stripper RO-3, we carry five options of scraper blades:

  • 5.9-inch (150mm) U-shape A blade with the bevel up for cutting through carpet and padding on concrete slabs
  • 5.9-inch (150mm) U-shape B blade with the bevel down, designed to cut through the carpet and soft floor coverings on a wooden slab.
  • 7.87-inch (200mm) flat blade for universal use
  • 7.87-inch (200mm) U-shape A blade with the bevel up for use on concrete
  • 7.87-inch (200mm) U-shape B blade with the bevel down for use on wooden subfloors.

Roll Stripper RO-2 Scraper Blades

Designed for use in the larger ROLL RO-2 floor scraper, we carry six different replacement blades:

  • 9.8-inch (250mm) flat blade made from hardened steel
  • 9.8-inch U-shape A blade with the upward bevel for cutting carpet laid over concrete slabs
  • 9.8 inch U-shape B blade with the hardened cutting edge facing downward to cut and scrape carpet and other materials on a wooden subfloor
  • 13.78-inch (350mm) flat blade
  • 13.78-inch U-shape A blade with the upward bevel
  • 13.78-inch U-shape B blade with the downturned bevel

Shop Our Selection of Roll Floor Scraper Blades

If you need replacement blades for your Roll floor scraper, we have what you need. Reach out to the experienced customer service team at Buy Manufacturers Direct, and we will help you find the right scraper and blades for your business as well as get you the best possible price. Contact us today at  (815) 472-9735.