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ROLL Voltage Converters for Sale

One of the biggest challenges to having large surface preparation equipment is not having an available power source that can handle the machine. Working in a home or small commercial facility often means you only have 110V outlets available. Fortunately, when you use a ROLL RO-2 or ROLL RO-3 floor scraper with a ROLL Voltage Converter, you always have the power source you need.

About ROLL GmbH

ROLL GmbH is a German company that designs and manufactures high-quality surface preparation equipment, including floor scrapers, saws, and accessories. Using innovative techniques such as a tracked chassis, their machines can plow through difficult materials, improve productivity and increase efficiency.

In addition to the power behind their machines, they are also designed to be operator-friendly. With lightweight, compact designs, ROLL GmbH scrapers and machines store easily and are designed for one-person transportation.

Why Choose a ROLL Voltage Converter

The ROLL Voltage Converter is a step-up converter, capable of running a 220V/240V machine on a 110V/120V outlet and converting 115V input into 230V output. This allows you to run your ROLL floor scrapers in small settings and large ones so you get the same power, versatility, and efficiency on every project. The voltage converter is equipped with convenient handles for transportation as well as four rubber buffers at the bottom to ground the machine for safety and stability.

Order Your ROLL Voltage Converter Today

If you need a voltage converter for your floor scraper, or you need a full floor scraper set up including the machine, replacement blades, and converter, we have everything you need. Give us a call at  (815) 472-9754 to talk to an experienced member of our customer service team or fill out our contact form to get a free quote or more information.