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Concrete Slurry Remover & Cleaner for Sale

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Concrete Slurry Remover and Cleaner for Sale

Most floor grinding and polishing projects involve using water to reduce dust and get the right finish. While it’s effective, grinding concrete with water creates slurry that, once dried, is almost impossible to properly clean. While muriatic acid does dissolve dried concrete slurry and can remove it from tools and grinding pads, it’s a highly corrosive substance that can damage the lining of your nose, throat, and lungs. This can lead to serious health consequences.

That’s why we are excited to have a concrete slurry remover and cleaner for sale that is a safer, non-toxic option. Made by SlurrySolutions, SlurrySafe AR dissolves concrete slurry from walls, tools, and can even take it off your skin without causing injury.

Using a Concrete Slurry Remover and Cleaner

SlurrySafe AR is different from muriatic acid, hydrochloric acid, and other chemicals that can remove slurry because, instead of corroding the concrete, it only reacts with the calcium in concrete. When it touches the calcium, it breaks it down into a harmless substance, dissolving the concrete completely.

Because of this, SlurrySafe AR is an environmentally friendly option that offers the following features:

When the team developed Slurry Solutions cleaners, they created a substance that features:

  • “Triple Zero” hazardous material score
  • 100% bio-degradable
  • Non-toxic, non-fuming, no VOC’s
  • Non-regulated by U.S. DOT
  • “Cleangredient” EPA-Approved
  • Safe on pumps, pipes, and most metals

Because of these environmentally friendly features, you can rinse it away into a sink or basin with ease, saving you time of properly disposing muriatic acid. In addition to being used on dried concrete slurry, it can also be used for:

  • Descaling
  • Rust removal
  • pH reducing
  • Cleaning lime-based patching materials
  • Thin-set
  • Brick mortar

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