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Smith's Concrete Cleaners for Sale

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Smith’s Concrete Cleaners for Sale

We are proud to carry Smith Paint Products because they are the leader in specialty paints, coatings, and chemicals for concrete. Since 1929, they’ve produced consistently high-quality materials and share our dedication to customer care.

In addition to their decorative concrete dyes and coatings, we also carry Smith’s concrete cleaners for sale to restore the look of your concrete and remove stains, residue, and ground-in grime.

Smith’s Concrete Cleaner Are a Green Option

So many cleaning products for concrete and other surfaces are highly toxic and corrosive, especially the cleaners used to prepare concrete for staining or sealing. However, Smith’s concrete cleaners for sale, specifically the Green Clean Pro, is a biodegradable concrete cleaner and profiler. It also has low odor so it can be used in interior spaces, too.

Using this solution straight from the container effectively removes silicate densifiers and allows you to get a moderate, non-slip texture on bare concrete, brick, stone, and pavers. This, combined with it’s biodegradable, non-corrosive make-up means it’s ideal to use around landscaping and pools.

Using Smith’s Concrete Cleaner

Green Clean Pro is available in both two-gallon and five-gallon containers and can be used both indoors and outdoors. It’s applied to surfaces with a paint roller, then rinsed using a pressure washer. After the surface has dried, it’s ready to stain and seal with Smith’s Nature Shield and Smith’s concrete stains.

Contact Us for Smith’s Concrete Cleaner for Sale

Smith Paint Products has a well-deserved reputation for dependable, long-lasting products that produce a consistent result. To learn more about Smith’s concrete cleaner or their sealers, stains, and dyes, reach out to a product expert today at (815)472-7935 or by filling out a contact form for more information.