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Von Arx AG Needle Scalers for Sale

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Von Arx AG Needle Scalers for Sale

Needle scalers are handheld surface preparation tools that are used on steel, metal, stone, and concrete when precision is necessary. They work by consisting of multiple thin, needle-like chisels that are forced against a surface using compressed air to rapidly chip away at a surface to effectively remove thick coatings of paint, epoxy, mastic, scale, and rust from surfaces.

Needle scalers have such a wide range of uses that they are commonly used in home repair, automotive repair, shipping, and other industries.

Not only do needle scalers work on flat surfaces like walls and steps, they also contour around curves. This means that they can be used for hard-to-reach areas like railings while giving you precision and control to safely get the task done.

We are proud to carry Von Arx AG Needle Scalers for sale because they are an innovative brand that was known for their trailblazing in industrial design and mechanical engineering. Since 1941, Von Arx AG has been inventing and updating tools and equipment used in surface preparation and other industries.

About Our Von Arx AG Needle Scalers for Sale

Our Von Arx AG Needle Scalers for sale will quickly remove rust, mill scale and paint from metal while quickly chipping away and profiling concrete.

For heavy-duty tasks, we recommend the 45B Needle Scaler. With 49, 3 mm needles and 100 psi of air pressure, this lightweight scaler can clean metal surfaces with ease, making them ready for a fresh coating of paint.

The NP23-K Von Arx AG Needle Scaler for Sale is also versatile, though a bit smaller. It is used to remove scale, paint, and caked on grease and oil, but it can also be used to strip rust from metal and create grip and texture in natural stone. Weighing just six pounds, this is easy to operate, while its 19 3mm needles make quick work of your surface preparation.

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If you need a handheld surface preparation tool that can be used to clean up metal and profile stone, consider a Von Arx AG Needle Scaler. They are small enough for residential use but powerful enough to use on shipyards and other industrial areas. To learn more, contact a BMD product expert today at 815-472-9740.