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The Eddy Tile Breaker TB3


  • Industrial angle adjusting switch
  • Fold-able and Portable with Convenient Carriage Handle
  • Sturdy Structure
  • Strong Actuator for angle adjusting
  • 1″, 2″, and 3″ Chisels
  • Push Plate equipped


  • Power: 120V – 60Hz
  • Rated input power: 1300W (11 amps)
  • Max Impact Rate: 3600 BPM
  • Impact Energy: 2-8J
  • Weight: 75lbs
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Discover the Eddy Tile Breaker TB3

It’s no secret that breaking through ceramic or porcelain tiles and thick mortar is a back-breaking, exhausting task. Fortunately, you can cut your surface preparation time down significantly and minimize worker fatigue and the chance of injury with the Tile Breaker TB3 from Eddy Floor Tools.

This portable, easy to maneuver tile breaker is designed specifically to break into tile and thinset or mortar and get to them in a way that allows you to rip through them almost effortlessly. This ease of use and powerful functionality is why we are proud to carry this equipment and recommend it for anyone who works in tile removal.

What Sets the Eddy Tile Breaker TB3 Apart?

Safety, comfort, and minimizing operator fatigue were all a high priority when designing this tool, and it shows. With an ergonomic design, including handles that allow you to get a comfortable grip and steer easily, workers can walk upright in a comfortable position without stooping or bending. Because it only weighs 65 pounds, this is also easy to not only operate, but to load and unload.

While the handle height and position are fixed, the TB3 is equpped with an electric actuator that allows you to change the angle of the chisel. This way, you can get under tiles using a lower chisel attack angle and break them up while removing mortar requires a higher attack angle that smashes it out of the way. With three sizes of chisels included, you can break up both large tiles or small accent strips easily.

This doesn’t mean they’ve sacrificed power though. This floor scraper may be compact at just 65 pounds, but it has the power to maximize the results of the equipped chisel, running at a max rate of 3600 BPM and 1300 watts.

Learn More About the Eddy Tile Breaker TB3

If you need a compact machine to remove tile quickly without killing your back to operate, the Eddy Tile Breaker TB3 is for you. If you would like additional information about our selection, we’re here to help you pick the right equipment for your project. Contact us at  (815) 278-1308 or by filling out our contact form to get started!


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Weight 65 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 15 × 39 in


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