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BAIER BDN 511 Diamond Channel Cutter w. Guide and 11 Blades



  • 2,400 Watt power and best rotation speed for extensive milling in the hardest of materials without effort.
  • All cutting depths possible in one step with 11 diamond cutting blades.
  • Tool-free depth adjustment up to 1.8″.
  • Disc collar 1.2″
  • 220V
  • Single phase


  • Safe, with a unique and powerful overload electronic.
  • Electronic control to prevent overload, therefore no waiting time until the motor can restart.
  • Low operating cost through an electronic and a mechanical clutch.
  • Electronics for a smooth start and an LED light for optimal cutting efficiency.
  • Dust-free milling with excellent dust suction device 1.5″ diameter.


  • BND 511
  • Guide
  • 11 Blades
  • 1 year warranty
12 months with 0% interest for qualified customers on equipment purchases of $10,000 or more.
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Improve Chase Cutting with the Baier BDN 511 Diamond Channel Cutter

If you need to cut channels into concrete, whether it’s to run a water pipe, electrical conduit or for some other use, you need the Baier BDN 511 Diamond Channel Cutter with a guide and 11 diamond cutting blades. Made by Baier, a leader in concrete cutting and pavement milling equipment, this channel cutter is an excellent example of their dedication to designing equipment that will help reduce operator fatigue, save time, and get the best possible results.

Why Choose the BDN 511 Diamond Channel Cutter

Cutting a channel into concrete can be an exhausting, time consuming process. Typically, it starts by cutting two narrow chases of a specific depth, width, and space apart with a hand-held diamond grinder or hand-held cutting tool. Then, the concrete between those chases is cut out with a breaking tool or a hammer drill. While it gets the job done, this can be a lengthy, exhaustive practice.

The BDN 511 Diamond Channel Cutter makes this task faster, easier, and more precise. Even before you get started, this tool helps save you time as you can adjust all 11 blades at once to a specific cutting depth, rather than one at a time. Additionally, you can adjust the depth up to 1.8 inches without having to use tools.

However, once you turn it on, you’ll see a major difference over using a hand-held grinder. This channel cutter allows for “bridge-less cutting, so you don’t have to use a hammer drill to bust up center pieces. Instead, the 2,400 watt, 220V, single-phase motor cuts channels up to two inches wide, and you can run them overlapping to avoid any gaps.

A Safer Concrete Cutting Tool

While you are dedicated to getting the work done quickly, you’re number one priority is worker safety. The Safety Tronic and integrated PRCD-switch makes sure you have control of the equipment the whole time, while the electronic control prevents overload. Finally, an equipped suction cover effectively removes dust and debris before it can cycle through the air.

Learn More About the BDN 511 Diamond Channel Cutter

If you have to mill or chase concrete on your projects, having a BDN 511 Diamond Channel Cutter will save you time and get more precise results. For a free quote and to learn more about whether this too is right for you, reach out to our customer service team today at  (815) 278-1308 or by filling out our contact form to get started!

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Weight 44 lbs
Dimensions 52 × 10 × 16 in


BDN 511 Instruction Manual