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20Gal 2HP HEPAPro 20 Vac w/ Wet Shutoff



A dependable workhorse. The HEPAPro 20 has more capacity (20-Gallons) than any other HEPA Vacuum in its class. Equipped with an individually tested and certified HEPA filter, the HEPAPro 20 is designed for the professional contractor recovering a wide range of materials including asbestos, lead, silica and other hazardous materials. Rotational molded polyethylene tank with built-in handle, large rear wheels and front swivel casters allow easy transporting even with a full tank of debris or liquids. A reliable liquid shut-off allows the operator to vacuum liquids uninterrupted until the tank is full and without risking damage to the HEPA filter.

What sets this vacuum apart from the competition is the motor head includes a 50-foot power cord for working large areas without interruption, and an electrical outlet for convenient plug-in of power tools. It also includes power tool activation allowing the operator to use the power tool’s switch to turn vacuum on and off for maximum dust control.

Additional information

Weight 65.8 lbs
Dimensions 24.25 × 22.25 × 41.25 in


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