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HEPAPro 20S Vac 20G 2HP w/front mounted squeegee



Introducing the only front mounted squeegee HEPA Vacuum available today. HEPAPro 20S provides the same powerful two horsepower motor, large recovery capacity (20-Gallons) and tested and certified HEPA filter equipped in our popular HEPAPro 20. The addition of a 29-inch wide floor squeegee makes this one of the most unique products in the restoration and floor care industries. When recovering floor liquids during restoration projects or general floor maintenance including strip and recoating, there is always significant risk of harmful particles becoming airborne. A front mounted squeegee “HEPA Vacuum”, equipped with a tested and certified HEPA filter is your only guarantee of trapping and containing these dangerous particles before they are inhaled by maintenance workers or other building occupants.

Additional information

Weight 69 lbs
Dimensions 24.25 × 22.25 × 41.25 in


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