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Installation Quick Check Kit


Avoid moisture-related floor failures with this quick check procedure at time of install

Specifications of Kit:

  • Size: 13.2” x 9.5” x 3.2” (33.5cm x 24cm x 8cm)
  • Weight: 2.8lbs (1.3kg)
  • Power: 2 x AA batteries, 1 x 9 volt PP3 battery
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Compact Kit for Performing the Tramex Installation Quick Check for Concrete Moisture

The Tramex IQCK is a compact kit for instant, non-destructive, quantitative moisture content testing of concrete floors and ambient dew-point conditions at the time of installation. Even if pre-installation tests have been performed, checking the %MC and ambient dew-point conditions at the time of installation is crucial to ensure successful installation. The Tramex CME5 moisture meter allows for non-destructive quantitative testing of concrete moisture content using Gravimetric testing as a baseline. The Infrared Thermometer and Dew Point Detector provide surface temperature readings and ambient temperature and dew point conditions to avoid condensation-related issues at the time of installation and floor failures. The Tramex Meters App allows for data reporting to mobile devices, to GeoTag test results, create, save and share photos, reports and charts. The Tramex Flooring Installation Quick Check Kit comes in a Tramex Easy-travel case.

Concrete Moisture Encounter 5 – CME5 – Measuring Range:

  • Depth of penetration: approx. ¾” (20 mm)
  • Moisture Content for Concrete: 0 to 6%
  • Comparative for Gypsum floor screed: 0 to 10
  • Reference scale: 0 to 100

Infrared Thermometer and Dew Point Detector – IRT2DP – Measuring Range:

  • Temperature Range: -58ºF to 716ºF (50°C to 380°C)
  • Display resolution: 0.1
  • Emissivity: Fixed at 0.95
  • Temperature accuracy: -58º to 32ºF / -50º to 20ºC: +/- 32º to 716ºF / 3.5ºC 20º to 380 ºC: +/-1.5ºC
  • Wavelength range: 8 – 14um
  • Humidity Range: 0 – 100% RH
  • Humidity accuracy: +/-3.5% (20% to 80%)
  • Dew point temperature: (-22 to 212)ºF / (-30 to 100)ºC
  • D:S: 20:1
  • Operating temp: 32 to 122ºF (0 to 50ºC)
  • Storage temp: -4 to 140ºF (-10 to 60ºC)
  • Relative humidity: 10%-90%RH operating, <80%RH storage
  • Power Supply: 9V battery, NEDA 1604A or IEC 6LR61, or equivalent

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Weight 15 lbs