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Whether you need to scrub a flat surface with a rotary cleaner or get a vertical wall clean with a wand, Makinex pressure washers offer the best of both options in one convenient machine. Their dual pressure washers feature both a rotary brush cleaner as well as a wand so you can tackle all types of cleaning projects. Best of all, because they’re from Makinex, you can feel confident that they have the power and durability you need in your surface preparation equipment.

About Makinex

Since they’re founding in 2004, Australian-based Makinex has been dedicated to making hard work easier, faster, and safer. This rapidly growing company is a proven expert in designing, developing, and manufacturing equipment and machines for use on construction sites and maintenance projects. As they’ve grown, they have headquarters located around the world, including their new North American base in Torrance, California.

Why Choose Makinex Pressure Washers

Makinex Dual Pressure Washers are equipped with both a rotary cleaner and a wand pressure washer, allowing you to remove dirt, mildew, peeling paint, and other materials from both flat and vertical outdoor surfaces. Unlike most pressure washers, the Makinex brand is powered by Honda GX series engines, ensuring you get the power and reliability you need. Both options easily switch between the rotary cleaner and the wand pressure washer with the turn of a handle, and the two models also include built-in pressure gauges, water filters, and light-weight, powder-coated frames.

The Dual Pressure Washer 2500 offers an adjustable pressure from 1000 psi to 2500 psi, while the Dual Pressure Washer 4000 is fully adjustable from 1000 psi to 4000 psi. Use these machines on all types of applications, including:

  • Driveways
  • Parking lots
  • Tennis courts
  • Wooden decks
  • Vinyl siding
  • Concrete
  • Brick
  • Machinery

Order Your Makinex Dual Pressure Washer Today

If you are in need of a pressure washer, save time, improve productivity, and get the best results with a Makinex Dual Pressure Washer. To learn more or get a quote on equipment, call us today at  815-472-9740.