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Smith's Floor Dyes & Stains for Sale

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Smith’s Floor Dyes and Stains for Sale

Since 1929, Smith’s Paint Products has been manufacturing and distributing quality paints and coatings. As the business grew, they focused on industrial products and coatings and earned a well-deserved reputation for excellence for their concrete products, including their decorative concrete dyes and stains.

Why Choose Smith’s Floor Dyes and Stains

If you want to elevate the look of your concrete surfaces to create an attractive, custom look, staining is an excellent option. However, many options on the market don’t achieve the desired result. Either they don’t penetrate the surface, resulting in minimal color adhesion and poor durability, or those that do may rely on harsh chemicals that come with a strong odor and are dangerous to dispose of.

We sell Smith products because they are consistently high in quality, and they provide penetrating, non-reactive colors that don’t change when exposed to UV rays. Even better, their stains and dyes are eco-friendly and come with low to no odors so they are safe to work with indoors, in both commercial and residential settings.

We have an amazing variety of Smith’s floor dyes and stains for sale including bright, high-chroma stains that will create vibrant colors for an eye-catching look, plus we have semi-transparent and transparent stains that produce a more natural, subtle effect. Improve the longevity of your concrete floor stains with Smith’s Base Boost additive.

Contact Us for Smith Floor Dyes and Stains for Sale

If you want to transform the look of a room or commercial space with a decorative concrete surface, use Smith floor dyes and stains. With a variety of colors and tints, you can create patterns, designs, and so much more. Contact our product experts today to learn more about Smith Paint Products and get a quote on materials at (815)472-9735 or fill out our contact form.