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Taylor Tools Floor Strippers for Sale

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Taylor Tools Floor Strippers for Sale

Based in Frankfort, Illinois, Taylor Tools has a reputation for outstanding quality and dependable surface preparation equipment. We are proud to carry  Taylor Tools floor strippers for sale because we know their ride-on strippers blend speed to get the job done quickly and power to ensure the job is done right while offering a comfortable experience that won’t exhaust your operator or cause muscle and joint pain.

Why Purchase Taylor Tools Floor Strippers for Sale?

Both the battery-powered floor strippers and propane fueled floor strippers we sell from Taylor Tools offer a compact design that our customers will find easy to steer, maneuver, and fit in an elevator. This means you can cover more area on the ride-on floor stripper to get the work done quickly, unlike larger, more cumbersome options that can cover an open space, but require using a manual or walk behind option to finish the job.

More importantly, you need surface preparation equipment that is versatile enough to tackle a variety of materials and substrates. Because it can be used both inside and outside for both commercial flooring and surface preparation, our Taylor Tools floor strippers for sale are versatile enough for contractors, rental companies, and other industries who work on all types of jobs.

Taylor Tools Floor Strippers can stand up to:

  • Adhesive
  • Paint
  • Cork
  • Sports Track
  • Parking Lot Coatings
  • Saturated Felt
  • Tennis Court Surfaces
  • Adhesive Applied Carpeting
  • Resilient sheet goods
  • Rubber and vinyl tile
  • Plastic
  • Rubber
  • Ice
  • Epoxy Resins

Contact Us to Buy Taylor Tools Floor Strippers

Save time on your next surface preparation or flooring preparation task with a floor stripper that improves your productivity and efficiency without having to work harder. To learn more about Taylor Tools ride-on floor strippers  and get the best price, call us today at at 815-472-9735.