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Propane Powered Floor Strippers for Sale

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Propane Powered Floor Strippers for Sale

When you use a floor stripper often or have to cover large spaces during commercial flooring and surface preparation tasks, you need equipment that will not only provide the power you need to do a thorough job of tackling stubborn materials, you need speed to get the job done quickly.

That combination of speed and power is why we have Taylor Tools propane powered floor strippers for sale. Equipped with a 20 HP Kawasaki engine the Bronco propane-powered floor stripper is the fastest ride-on stripper available, able to cover 400 square feet in a minute!

A New and Improved Propane Powered Floor Stripper for Sale

In addition to speed and power, the design itself will improve your efficiency and productivity.  Much of the maintenance has been moved to make it easy to check and service, including:

  • External oil check and dipstick access port
  • Externally mounted air filter
  • Battery and jump contacts for quick charging

This propane-powered floor stripper can also go in places most other ride-on strippers can’t. It’s only 48 inches long, meaning it can fit in elevators and tight spaces like construction areas, and at 1,240 pounds, it can go in the back of a truck for convenient transportation.

Taylor Tools Floor Strippers can stand up to:

  • Adhesive
  • Paint
  • Cork
  • Sports Track
  • Parking Lot Coatings
  • Saturated Felt
  • Tennis Court Surfaces
  • Adhesive Applied Carpeting
  • Resilient sheet goods
  • Rubber and vinyl tile
  • Plastic
  • Rubber
  • Ice
  • Epoxy Resins

Contact Us for Propane Powered Floor Strippers for Sale

For a floor stripper that will improve the quality of your work while saving you time and labor, check out the Taylor Tools propane powered floor strippers for sale. To learn more about Taylor Tools ride-on floor strippers and get a quote for our lowest price, call us today at at 815-472-9735 and speak with a product expert!