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U.S. Saws Edgers for Sale

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U.S. Saws Edgers for Sale

U.S. Saws is known for their innovative surface preparation equipment that improves productivity and efficiency while promoting a healthy, safe workplace. If you work in surface preparation, U.S. Saws edgers for sale are an excellent investment for your company.

One of the most difficult parts of surface preparation is reaching areas next to walls and vertical surfaces. Traditional floor grinders and polishers are too wide to get close enough to grind and polish, while handheld and small grinders that can get up close are exhausting to use in large spaces. However, if those hard-to-reach areas aren’t prepared correctly, either the surface is too rough or coating and paint aren’t removed completely, the finished job will be sub-par.

U.S. Edgers Are Versatile and Convenient.

That’s why have U.S. Saws edgers for sale. Capable of grinding and polishing concrete all the way to where the wall and floor meet, you won’t have to worry about missed spots or rough edges, even in snug corners. You can use this grinder indoors or out, in both large and small spaces. Plus, with it’s ergonomic design, you can stand and walk behind the edger, rather than kneeling on concrete, plus the forward control handle has a comfortable, shock-absorbing grip.

Whether you need to level, smooth, or clean the edges of a concrete space, U.S. Saws edgers are compatible with seven-inch diamond cup wheels and operate at a variable speed so you have optimal control.

Enjoy a Healthier Work Environment with U.S. Saws Edgers for Sale

U.S. Saws edgers are equipped with the U.S. Saws Generation 2 dust shroud system, an innovative design that minimizes silica and concrete dust in the air, keeping your work place cleaner and safer. It’s also compatible with U.S. Saws dust collectors for optimal cleaning.

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