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U.S. Saws Dust Collectors for Sale

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U.S. Saws Dust Collectors for Sale

At Buy Manufacturers Direct, we take pride in connecting our customers with tools and equipment that will help you save time and increase productivity, we also want to help you maintain a safe work environment. Concrete surface preparation is messy work, leaving a thick coating of dust on everything, but it’s also dangerous.

Concrete contains silica, and breathing in silica dust can lead to chronic lung disease. In fact, it’s so dangerous, OSHA standard 29 CFR 1926.1153 requires employers provide protection and limit exposure to silica dust. That’s why we have U.S. Saws Dust Collectors for sale. U.S. Saws is committed to a “dust-free” jobsite and puts safety to workers and the environment as a top priority.

U.S. Saws Dust Collectors for Large and Small Jobs

The Ultra-Vac 1250 from U.S. Saws is a lightweight vacuum that is powerful enough to tackle any surface prep cleanup. With a manual filter-clearing mechanism, 99.95% efficient HEPA filters, and a large capacity dust bin that works with Longopac bags, you can trust that this dust collector is efficient and effective at keeping your jobsite clean.

The Ultra-Vac 1250 is compatible with these items from U.S. Saws:

Use the Dust Buggy Joint Clean Out Mill to clean out joints and remove existing joint filler quickly and easily. It’s fitted with a blade guard that reduces dust without blocking your sight line, while it’s “up-cut” rotation pulls debris up so you can clean joints while you walk forward.

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