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U.S. Saws Grinders for Sale

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U.S. Saws Grinders for Sale

U.S. Saws is a leading manufacturer and distributor of surface preparation equipment, but what sets them apart from their competition is their dedication to designing equipment that promotes a healthier, more environmentally friendly work site.

U.S. Saws Grinders for Large and Small Jobs

The U.S. Saws grinders for sale at Buy Manufacturers Direct are ideal for both large and small jobs. The VSG-10 Grinder and Polisher is a walk behind model that can be used in small spaces, such as garages and basements to quickly grind away old coatings when used with the attached weight bar and PCD segments or can be used with polishing pads to buff a surface to a high-gloss shine. It’s also a great option to use as an edger on bigger tasks where a large grinder won’t fit.

Effective Grinding with an Efficient Design

U.S. Saws grinders not only make quick work of polishing and prep tasks, the design makes it easy to change plates and pads. The grinding plates work with “Fast Change” diamonds and the velcro resin holders are compatible with any three-inch resin, ceramic, or hybrid tooling. With its lightweight design, two people can easily lift and move the machine up or down stairs, while the 115V motor offers the power you need while making it convenient to access a power source.

Use the VSG-10 with U.S. Saws Dust Collectors to keep your job site safe and healthy for your team!

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U.S. Saws Grinders for sale are a great option for your rental equipment company, contracting and flooring, or surface preparation company. If you’d like to learn more about floor grinders from U.S. Saws and receive a complimentary quote, contact our product experts today by calling us at  (815) 472-9735 or by filling out our contact form.