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At Buy Manufacturers Direct, we are dedicated to providing direct access to product experts and brands that manufacture high-quality, durable equipment that improve the results of surface preparation projects. That means we take care to only partner with brands and companies that align with our values, which is why we are proud to announce a partnership with Pioneer Eclipse.

Known for their innovative floor burnishing technology, they also have a full line of both floor care equipment and chemical floor care solutions.

About Pioneer Eclipse

Pioneer Eclipse was founded in 1978 by Bill Wilson who introduced propane-powered floor burnisher technology along with a line of compatible floor finishes. By reducing labor costs and getting excellent results, the success of their equipment and floor care chemicals allowed them to hit the ground running to achieve rapid success.

In 1990, they became a subsidiary of Amano, the leading manufacturer of Jan-San equipment in Japan. Amano has manufacturing and operations facilities in 17 countries including Canada, France, Spain, China, and Indonesia. However, Amano Pioneer Eclipse is located solely in Sparta, NC where their 100,000 square foot facility is their manufacturing hub for floor care and sanitation equipment and chemicals.

Why Choose Pioneer Eclipse Floor Care Equipment

Pioneer Eclipse is a leading manufacturer of floor care machines and chemicals. They started the company with a focus on innovations that would reduce labor costs improve results, and that focus remains today. Their unique HydraShine diamond driver provides an aggressive polish in small areas and around edges, saving time and money while getting professional results.

We are proud to carry a wide variety of equipment and products, including:

  • Floor Polishers
  • Orbital Floor Machines
  • Floor Burnishers
  • Floor Grinders
  • Floor chemicals to clean, maintain, and protect your surfaces

 Learn More About Pioneer Eclipse Floor Care

If you are looking for a powerful floor burnisher or precise floor grinder from Pioneer Eclipse, reach out to our team for more information. Call us at  (815) 278-1308 or fill out the form below to connect with us today.