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The Eddy Orbital Sander 3000


• Greatly reduced dust fall
• High-performance vacuum bag
• 3450 RPM motor
• Extra-large 12” X 18” sanding surface
• Aluminum base
• Fully mounted on rubber
• Sanding pad offering several degrees of abrasion • Automatic stop handle
• Total weight: 122 lbs.
• Removable weights (combined): 38 lbs.
• Main body: 76 lbs.
• Removable handle: 8 lbs.

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The Eddy Orbital Sander 3000

When you need a high-performing, efficient floor sander that is designed for heavy use while also being easy to operate, consider the Eddy Orbital Sander 3000. This is a powerful sanding tool that allows you to tackle flooring jobs of any size, from small residential projects to spacious commercial areas. Eddy Floor Tools is known for designing and manufacturing durable, powerful equipment that won’t break your budget or damage surfaces, and the Orbital Sander 3000 lives up to their standard for quality.

Why Choose the Orbital Sander 3000?

We know there are a wide variety of floor sanders on the market, so what sets the 3000 apart from the competition? The stand out aspect is the power and performance it provides the user. It is equipped with a 3,450 RPM motor which enables the sanding pad to easily remove even the thickest wax and sand away the most stubborn scratches and damage, though it can also be used at a lighter degree for lighter work. With a large 12″ by 18″ sanding surface, you can cover large spaces quickly, and a squared-off sanding base means you can even get into tight corners. It also comes with molded weights so you can increase the front pressure to improve the results.

The Orbital Sander 3000 also offers a dust-free sanding experience, minimizing respiratory concerns, and drastically reducing cleanup due to a powerfully equipped vacuum and comprehensive dust skirt. Additionally, safety is improved in this model with a fireproof vacuum bag.

When not in operation, the floor sander only weighs a total of 122 pounds, and that’s including the 38 pounds of removable weights. With an adjustable handle and a lightweight design, you’ll find this is easy to operate, transport, and store, especially since the handle is removable.

Learn More About the Orbital Sander 3000 from Eddy Floor Tools

At Buy Manufacturers Direct, we take pride in selling high-quality, durable surface preparation equipment to tackle all types of jobs. When you need a powerful floor sander for wooden flooring projects, the Orbital Sander 3000 should be in your equipment inventory. To get a quote or learn more about our products, reach out to our sales team at (815) 278-1308 or fill out our contact form to get started.


Additional information

Weight 122 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 18 in


Orbital Polisher 2000 vs Sander 3000

Orbital Sander 3000 Instructional Manual


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