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Makinex Power Generators For Sale

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Makinex Power Generators for Sale

When you need reliable, efficient power for your job site, choose a Makinex Power Generator. These robust, powerful generators are ideal for providing power to all types of surface preparation equipment and tools, including concrete grinders, shot blasters, air compressors, and more. For areas where power is unreliable, or you’re outdoors, choose a Makinex generator.

About Makinex Power Generators

Makinex is an Australian company with a global reputation for excellence in its construction products. Since their founding in 2004, they’ve been dedicated to helping construction companies eliminate inefficiency at the job site through solution-driven products. They continue to improve their tools and equipment to help their customers do their jobs more quickly, safely, and easily to increase productivity and reduce costs.

We are proud to carry Makinex power generators and other construction equipment for our customers because their core values reflect ours. They are passionate about producing innovative, durable products for both small businesses and large companies that can hold up to heavy use and continually get excellent results.

Why Choose Makinex Generators

We recommend power generators from Makinex because they are built for reliability and efficiency, helping you keep the work going in all types of environments and locations. Their generators offer the following benefits:

  • Lightweight, compact frames to make transportation and storage easier.
  • Powerful Honda engines that are built to last.
  • Offers both three-phase and single-phase outlets
  • Can be used on small and mid-range machinery
  • Lower noise levels than comparable generators.

We currently carry two Makinex generators:

Order Your Makinex Generator Today

When you need reliable, efficient power to your job site, order a Makinex generator. We also carry a wide selection of construction products from Makinex Construction Products, including power washers, jackhammers, and mixing stations. Learn more about our inventory and learn how to get the best price by talking to a product expert today by calling us at 815-472-9740.