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Working in surface preparation and construction means you need to quickly mix compounds, epoxies, concrete, paint, and other materials, and you often need to make large batches at one time. Rather than attempting to mix by hand or create a mess with other tools, ensure even mixing in a shorter time, with the Makinex MS-100 Mixing Station.

About Makinex

Makinex is a global leader of construction and job site equipment, including pressure washers, jackhammers, and generators. Based in Australia, but with headquarters worldwide, Makinex was founded on Making Inefficiencies Extinct through innovative design that increases productivity and safety while getting better results.

Why Choose Makinex Mixing Stations

The Makinex MS-100 Mixing Station doesn’t just create smooth, even mixes of cements, compounds, floor coatings, and epoxies by mixing up to 220 pounds in three minutes. The entire set-up is designed to be efficient and eliminate mess and waste. With a portable, lightweight design, the bucket is placed in a way to easily tilt the mixed compound into a waiting container, minimizing spills and ensuring precise pouring. The bucket itself has a detachable dust splash lid to minimize any spills or splashes.

At Buy Manufacturer Direct, we make it easy to only buy what you need, whether you want to order:

  • A complete setup
  • Chassis only
  • Mixer only
  • Spare buckets and lids

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