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Smith’s Coatings and Overlays for Sale

For over 90 years, Smith Paint Products has been a trusted name in industrial paints and coatings. Known for their consistently high-quality products and dedication to customer service, concrete specialists trust Smith products and so do we.

We carry a wide variety of Smith’s coatings and overlays for sale because their products will extend the life of your concrete and stone surfaces, keeping them looking attractive and preventing stains, cracks, and damage that is both unsightly and dangerous.

Using Smith Coatings and Overlays

Once a new concrete slab has been laid, or any surface preparation has been completed on an existing slab to remove old epoxy, paint, or to create a profile conducive to proper adhesion, you can lay a coating or overlay that will not only protect the surface, it can add an attractive sheen or can even be tinted or stained to color the concrete.

We have heavy application products including a heavy polymer modified cement overlay that is ideal for pool and patio decks in addition to flooring and countertops to urethanes designed for high traffic areas, like warehouses that face forklift traffic. We also have lighter options that can still hold up to high abrasion, chemical contact, and impact resistance.

In addition to their long-lasting durability, Smith coatings and overlays are  a more environmentally friendly option. They are low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and are low odor substances, creating a safer work space for your team.

Contact Us for Smith’s Coatings and Overlays for Sale

If you want a high-quality coating for a concrete, stone, or brick surface, trust Smith’s coating and overlays. When paired with their decorative concrete dyes, you have near endless customization opportunities. To learn more or get a quote, contact a BMD representative at 815-472-9735.