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Prep/Master 2807 Electric Floor Grinding Machine


  • Working width: 28 in. (71cm)
  • For projects up to 2,000 SF (200m2)
  • Electric motor: 7.5 HP (5.5kW)
  • 1 or 3 phase
  • Available in 230V or 480V
  • Use for surface prep and polishing of concrete, terrazzo, and marble
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Prep/Master 2807 Electric Floor Grinding Machine

Crafted and engineered for Polishing Projects up to 2,000 SF (200 m²)

Manufactured and created to for small to medium-sized commercial surface preparation as well as residential garage finishing projects, the Prep/Master 2807 Electric Floor Grinding Machine produces spot-on, ideal results when it comes to polishing and grinding, despite being the smallest Prep/Master floor grinding machine offered today. Its 7.5HP motor is built to last and its variable speed drive easily adapts to different grinding or polishing conditions for concrete, terrazzo, marble, and stone applications.

The moveable pocket weight system adjusts head pressure depending upon the specific application and the standard water tank makes it easy to switch from dry to wet work. Available in 230V or 480V. Uses two tool plates (included). Recommended for project sizes up to 2,000 SF (200 m²). Be sure to follow the machines safety manual to avoid health risks and other surface preparation hazards.

Prep/Master 2807 Electric Floor Grinding Machine Features and Specifications

  • Working width: 28 in. (71cm)
  • A robust and durable motor rated at 7.5 HP (5.5kW) 3 phase (5.5kW)
  • A state-of-the-art pocket weight system
  • 1 or 3 phase
  • Available in 230V or 480V
  • 2 tool plates (included)
  • Uses 6 tools
  • A lengthy power cord 30 ft. (9m) | 8-4 resulting in optimal convenience

Be sure to check out our grinders and polisher parts and accessories to learn more about our adapter plates, velcro attachments, resin inserts, light kit upgrades, maintenance kits, Morflex couplers, STI cord charts, STI edge plates, as they may be of help to you and your surface preparation team.

More Information on the Prep/Master 2807 Electric Floor Grinding Machine

If you’re looking for a floor grinder that offers a powerful performance while being easy to use in a smaller space, check out the Prep/Master 2807 floor grinder. As part of the popular Prep/Master line of grinding and surface prep equipment from Substrate Technology Inc., the 2807 offers the long-lasting durability, efficiency, and performance you expect in a compact, easy-to-navigate design.

To see the 2807 in action, check out the video below!

Floor Grinders for Smaller Spaces

The Prep/Master 2807 was designed and manufactured for small to medium sized spaces, generally up to 2,000 square feet. This makes it ideal for commercial areas like workshops or residential projects such as outdoor patios and garages. While it has a compact design that allows it to fit through standard, 35-inch doorways, it has a 28-inch working width so you can cover more space quickly and can grind and polish up to your floor’s edge.

The Powerful Performance You Expect

Available as both an electric floor grinder and a propane floor grinder, the 2807 improves your productivity and efficiency with a powerful performance. The electric grinder is equipped with a 7.5 HP motor that can operate as a single-phase or three-phase, while the propane option has an 18HP Kawasaki motor.

With a robust motor paired with the adjustable weights, the 2807 can tackle most surface preparation tasks, from light polishing projects on marble, stone, and terrazzo to grinding through heavy coatings and thin-set on concrete.

A Floor Grinder Your Whole Team Can Use

The Prep/Master 2807 does more than pack a powerful performance in a compact design, it offers the innovative features you expect from a leading surface preparation equipment manufacturer.

The two tool plates can fit six tools that are designed on counter rotation gears so it glides smoothly across surfaces, even uneven areas. Adding weight plates to the front increases pressure, while its variable speed makes it easy to drive. This improves its performance without adding additional work to the operator, reducing fatigue and improving productivity.

Customize the 2807 Floor Grinder

As part of the Prep/Master product line, the 2807 can be fitted with a variety of floor grinder accessories to make the most of your equipment. Be sure to check out the light kits that improve visibility and maintenance kits that prevent breakdown and expensive downtime!

Contact Your Prep/Master Floor Grinding Machine Experts Today

If you have any questions regarding the PrepMaster 2807 Electric Floor Grinding Machine and would like to receive a complimentary quote, contact the burnisher and floor machine subject matter experts today at (815) 278-1308 or by filling out our contact form. We would be happy to educate and guide you any way we’re able to!

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Additional information

Weight 883 lbs
Dimensions 82 × 37 × 64 in

220V / 230V, 380V / 480V





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