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Prep/Master 3038LP Propane Floor Grinding Machine


  • Working width: 30 in. (76cm)
  • For projects up to 10,000 SF (1,000 m²)
  • Motor: Kawasaki 38HP LP
  • Uses propane fuel
  • Use for surface prep and polishing of concrete, terrazzo, and marble
12 months with 0% interest for qualified customers on equipment purchases of $10,000 or more.


Prep/Master 3038LP Propane Floor Grinding Machine

Crafted and engineered for Polishing Projects up to 10,000 SF (1,000 m²)

Powered by a reliable and rugged 38HP (28KW) propane motor, the Prep/Master 3038LP Propane Floor Grinding Machine was designed to be easily maneuverable and transportable, user-friendly, and great for small, medium, and large-sized surface preparation projects measuring up to 10,000 square feet (1,000 m²). One of the most recognized features of this floor grinder is the rotary gear system, which enables buttery smooth and efficient operation.

Other notable features of the Prep/Master 3038LP Propane Floor Grinding Machine would be the movable pocket weight system and the variable speed drive. The pocket weight system is adjustable and allows for use of several different surface preparation applications. Grinding or polishing terrazzo, marble, stone, and concrete has never been so painless. Please note, it is recommended that operators follow this floor grinding machine’s safety manual as closely as possible to avoid safety hazards, project downtime, or even legal difficulties. Buy Manufacturers Direct is a huge proponent of on and off-site safety.

Prep/Master 3038LP Propane Floor Grinding Machine Specifications and Features

  • Working width: 30 in. (76cm)
  • 38HP Kawasaki motor
  • Uses propane fuel
  • 4 tool plates (included)
  • Uses 12 tools

Be sure to check out our grinders and polisher parts and accessories to learn more about our adapter plates, velcro attachments, resin inserts, light kit upgrades, maintenance kits, Morflex couplers, STI cord charts, STI edge plates, as they may be of help to you and your surface preparation team.

More Information for PrepMaster Floor Grinding Machine

If you’re a surface preparation contractor and have a large concrete or stone project, you know the importance of having the right grinder on the job. Keeping floors functional, attractive, and safe are critical to any project.

Floor grinders are manufactured in a variety of power options. Like most equipment, there are pros and cons to propane verses electric. Many projects now demand clean energy, which reduces emissions and air born contaminants while others require the speed and muscle of a propane grinder.  Propane floor grinders need  added attention to maintenance however electric grinders require a constant source of electric power. While added power is ideal for grinding flaws out of damaged concrete, you also need to consider maneuverability, versatility, and grinding width.

If propane best fits your needs you definitely should consider the Prep/Master 3038 manufactured by Substrate Technology. The 3038 is a versatile, powerful floor grinder that you can trust to get the job done right the first time. This durable piece of equipment checks three important boxes on the equipment value proposition checklist: increased productivity, decreased labor & fatigue, and improved overall aesthetics.

Using a Floor Grinder

Concrete floor grinders are versatile and can used for more than just grinding. They are often used to prepare, repair, and revitalize surfaces, including concrete, marble, stone, and terrazzo. The right grinder can be utilized for the following tasks:

  • Removing existing coatings such as epoxy, stains, glues, thin-set and mastics.
  • Preparing a surface to an ICPI CSP range of 1 -3.
  • Polishing surfaces to a mirror finish.
  • Level uneven surfaces.

When paired with the right diamonds and dust collection system, you can easily transform the look of any floor and breath new life into old surfaces.

Benefits of the Prep/Master 3038 Propane-Powered Floor Grinder

The Prep/Master 3038 Grinder is a highly versatile grinding machine that is a leader in its class. Ideal for any size project, this grinder offers a multitude of benefits.

Powerful Performance

The propane fueled Prep/Master 3038 Floor Grinder is powered by a 38 HP Kawasaki motor, which provides the required power for heavy-duty surface preparation and coating removal without over-taxing the grinder.  Using this machine, you can polish concrete at 1,200 square feet per hour and even remove 600 square feet of mastic or thin set per hour.

Operator Friendly

With an efficient rotary gear system, the 3038 is easy to operate and maneuver, gliding over surfaces easily, despite its heavy weight. With four tool plates utilizing twelve diamonds, head rotation reaches speeds up to 500 RPMs, making quick work of removing the toughest coatings or polishing.

Ideal for All Types of Surface Preparation

Even with a cutting surface of 30 inches, the 3038 offers ease of operation and maneuverability. With a movable pocket weight system, variable speed drive, and variety of available polishing tools, you can painlessly adjust to all types of tasks and surfaces.

Contact Your PrepMaster Floor Grinding Machine Experts Today

If you have any questions regarding the Prep/Master 3038LP Propane Floor Grinding Machine and would like to receive a complimentary quote, contact the burnisher and floor machine subject matter experts today at (815) 278-1308 or by filling out our contact form. We would be happy to educate and guide you any way we’re able to!

PrepMaster 3038LP Propane Floor Grinding Machine For Sale Buy Manufacturers Direct sells surface preparation equipment such as floor scrapers, burnishers and floor machines (such as the Prep/Master 3838LP Propane Floor Grinding Machineshot blasters, diamond grinders, scarifiers, profilers, and dust collectors. Along with the machines, BMD only sells OEM consumable parts so that the machines are as effective as they are designed to be. Buying from BMD you are buying through a channel that is endorsed and supported by its vendor partners. This means you have direct access to the people that make what you buy and know the product better than anyone.

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Weight 1250 lbs
Dimensions 92 × 37 × 64 in





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