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IMPACTS S410E 16-Inch Shot Blaster DEMO UNIT

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  • Ideal for large projects
  • Recommended dust collector: IMPACTS Dustcom 4025

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IMPACTS S410E Shot Blaster – 16-inch Width – DEMO UNIT – 1.4 hours

The IMPACTS S410E Shot Blaster is a unique machine to the industry because similarly sized machines do not have as nearly as much horsepower. This shot blaster is an awesome choice for any small, medium, and large-sized surface preparation tasks. Known for outperforming other shot blasters for brush blasting, the IMPACTS S410E is also more productive when it comes to coating removal applications for projects of all sizes.

Along with brush blasting and coating removal applications, this shot blaster works great on steel deck surface preparation too. It is designed to operate at 2,800 SF (280m²) and is an absolute favorite in the surface preparation industry.

IMPACTS S410E Shot Blaster Features and Specifications

  • A working width of 16 inches (410mm), making it a compact and useful walk-behind blaster
  • Compact dimensions of 73 inches in length,  21 inches in width, 41 inches in height (1855 x 745 x 1050 mm)
  • A height adjustable drive handle equipped with an integrated handling instrument for the drive
  • A low weight for ultimate transportation, handling, and control, weighing in at 488kg or 1,075 lbs.
  • A power motor equipped with an use-to-use integrated brake
  • An ability to achieve a very high blasting performance on horizontal surfaces 
  • The option to utilize the durable IMPACTS ‘Side-Force’ Liner System which is equipped with a strong, wear-resistance manganese metal
  • A power supply of 480 V/50/60 Hz,63 A CEE
  • A blasting power of 20 HP
  • A spectacular travel variable speed of  0-124 feet/min. (Variable 0-38 m/min.)

The recommended dust collector for this shot blaster is the IMPACTS Dustcom 4025. With a capacity of 52 gallons (200 liters), an all-in-one lifting lock, and the ability to be split into two units, this dust collector will enable the IMPACTS S410E shot blaster to reach its full operating potential. Dust collectors are also often referred to as enclosures.

Be sure to check out our dust collectors and wet vacs along with other shot blaster accessories to learn more about how our handheld magnets, blast wheels, wrench balancers, force shield liner systems, magnetic sweepers, reduction blasters, and steel shot abrasive could make life easier for you!

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Weight 1076 lbs
Dimensions 73 × 23 × 41 in




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