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Poly-Seal – Primer/Sealer


  • Ready-to-Use
  • Alkali-Resistant
  • Fast Drying
  • Tenacious Bond
  • Low Odor & Low VOC’s
  • Infinite inter-coat adhesion
  • UV Stable – Non-yellowing
  • Good Blush Resistance
  • Resists to Hot Tire Pickup (Residential Traffic only)

Tint with Smith’s WSC Color Packs sold separately in select standard colors

12 months with 0% interest for qualified customers on equipment purchases of $10,000 or more.


Smith’s Poly-SEAL is a single component, fast drying, waterborne polyurethane polymer fused with a cross-linking acrylic which achieves a tenacious bond to approved substrates, with very good resilience, longevity, UV stability, and wear.

Smith’s Poly-SEAL may be used as a primer for interior and exterior direct-to-concrete applications prior to Smith’s Poly WB topcoat, as a seal coat to lock down Vinyl Chip prior for residential garage floor systems, finish for Terrazzo as a replacement for traditional floor wax in addition to a standalone architectural and decorative concrete sealer for concrete overlays, Stucco, pavers and more.


  • Primer for:
    • Smith’s Poly WB
  • Seal Coat prior to high solids Polyurethanes for:
    • Vinyl Chip Systems (Residential Garage floors only)
    • Terrazzo Sealer*
  • Approved Substrates:
    • Concrete, Stucco & Polymer Modified Overlays
    • Pavers
    • Concrete Stains & Dyes (i.e. Smith’s Color Floor & Smith’s Liquid Dye)
    • Terrazzo (Cementitious & Epoxy)
    • Vinyl Chip (Neat, unsealed prior to topcoat of Smith’s Poly WB)
    • Wood Subfloors (underlayment grade plywood or OSB)

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1 Gal, 5 Gal


Gloss, Low Sheen


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