If you have a 230V Prep/Master floor grinding tool, it’s important to learn how to reset the power source. We’ve included a video below to walk you through the process in addition to this step-by-step guide. 

You’ll need to reset your power source, the MC1000 series drive, for a number of reasons. The most common is if it was repaired and returned, you’ll need to set it back to STI factory settings. Otherwise, this can also help you troubleshoot problems.

To see the reset in action, watch the video below! 


Resetting the MC1000 Series Drive After Repair

First, the MC1000 Series Drive is the rectangular black box at the top of the floor grinder, near the handle. After it’s been repaired, follow these steps to reset factory settings. Use the arrow keys to go through the menu options and hit enter to change and reset each setting. 

  1. Press the Program Run button on the top left row of the keypad, then enter the password 0019 using the arrow keys and hit enter. 
  2. The screen will show Line Volts Auto, but use the arrow key until it displays Accel 30.0 Sec and press Enter. Using the arrow keys, change 30.0 sec to 5.0 sec and hit enter.
  3. Change Max Frq 60.00HZ to 80.00HZ 
  4. Change Rotation Forward to Rotation Fwd&Rev for forward and reverse. 
  5.  HZ Mult 1.00 adjusts to 27.50 
  6. TB 13D EXT Fault to /Fault
  7. Program Run should read 20 HZ, but arrow up to a maximum of 45 HZ. 

Test the functionality of the Dead Man Key, the motor should stop and display a fault. 

Programming an Inoperable MC1000 Series Drive

If your MC1000 series drive is inoperable and you don’t know why, follow these steps. Again, use the video below to watch it before attempting to reset the drive using these steps on your own. Like in the previous steps, use the arrow keys to toggle in between options and change settings, and use the enter key to choose options.

  1. Press the program run key and enter the password 0019 like in step 1. The screen should read Line Volts Auto.
  2. Use the arrow keys to see Program Maintain and press enter. Use the arrow keys to change Program Maintain to Program Reset 60 and press enter. 
  3. Accel 30.0 and change it to 5.0SEC.
  4. Max FRQ 60.00 and change it to 80.00HZ.
  5. Rotation Forward changes to Rotation FWD&REV
  6. HZ MULT 1.00 changes to HZ MULT 27.50
  7. TB13d EXT Fault changes to /Fault
  8. Program Run should say 20.0 HZ, and change that to a maximum of 45. 

You’ll see that the steps are very similar to the ones in the original setting. 

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