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IMPACTS S320E 12-Inch Shot Blaster


  • For Blasting Projects 2,150 SF/hr. (Up to 200 m²/hr.)
  • Ideal for large projects
  • Self-propelled
  • Recommended dust collector: IMPACTS Dustcom 3324

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IMPACTS S320E Shot Blaster – 12-inch Width

For Blasting Projects 2,150 SF (200 m²)

Often referred to as a powerhouse in a small package, the IMPACTS S320E shot blaster is a compact and extremely powerful blast machine designed to work on small to medium-sized horizontal surface preparation projects.

Along with that, the IMPACTS S320E shot blaster is designed for aggressive removal of coatings on small, medium, and large-sized surface preparation projects. It is designed to operate at 2,150 SF (200 m²) and is expected to make a remarkable splash in the surface preparation industry.

IMPACTS S320E Shot Blaster Features and Specifications

  • A working width of 12 inches (320mm)
  • Ideal for large projects, but is also capable of excelling when used on small to medium-sized horizontal projects
  • An all-in-one ‘lift lock’ for efficient dustbin handling
  • A newly-developed and durable ‘Side-Force’ lining system with improved wear resistance
  • An ability to achieve a very high blasting performance on horizontal surfaces
  • A blasting power of 14 HP (11 kW)
  • A blasting capacity of up to 656 feet²/ (200 meters) on concrete
  • Compact dimensions of 70 inches long, 17 inches wide, and 39 inches tall (1,800 millimeters wide, 450 millimeters wide, and 1,000 millimeters tall)
  • A low overall weight of 705 lbs. (320 kg)
  • A travel speed of variable speed 0-98 feet per minute (0-30 meters per minute)
  • Height adjustable drive handles equipped with integrated instruments for easy control

The recommended dust collector for the IMPACTS S320E shot blaster the IMPACTS Dustcom 3324. With a capacity of 28 gallons (105 liters), a strong and powerful 7.5 HP motor, and a 28-gallon dustbin, this dust collector will enable the IMPACTS S320E shot blaster to reach its full operating potential. Dust collectors are also often referred to as enclosures and make surface preparation professionals’ jobs easier by minimizing cleanup time.

Along with the Dustcom 3324 dust collector, be sure to check out our other shot blaster accessories to learn more about how our handheld magnets, blast wheels, wrench balancers, force shield liner systems, magnetic sweepers, reduction blasters, and steel shot abrasive could make life easier for you!

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Additional information

Weight 705 lbs
Dimensions 71 × 18 × 40 in





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IMPACTS S320E 12-Inch Shot Blaster

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