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Inland Diamond Resin Pads for Sale

At Buy Manufacturers Direct, we understand that when you’re grinding or polishing concrete, not only is the right floor grinder important, but the pads and accessories you’re using are just as essential to get the best possible finish on your surfaces. To help you get the finish you want, whether you’re preparing concrete for a fresh epoxy coating or you’re polishing terrazzo to a mirror-like shine, we have Inland Diamond resin pads for sale.

Why Choose Inland Diamond Resin Pads?

Inland Diamond is a leading manufacturer of superabrasive products and provide diamond-based grinding solutions for optical companies, stone, and glass, in addition to surface preparation. Whether you have heavily damaged concrete to smooth out, concrete that has a thick, damaged coating that needs to be removed, or you have fine polishing to do, the resin pads hold up to difficult work and help you achieve the result you need.

We have several different resin pads available including hard bond pads for working with soft concrete and Granilux pads for transitional grinding and using on new, unsealed concrete.  Both the resin-metal and the Granilux have available grits ranging from an ultra-course 35 diamond grit for an aggressive cut that grinds away old coatings and paints and prepares your floor for a fresh coat to  3000 grit that can help you hone and polish your floors to a gleaming shine.

Inland Diamond Resin Pads can be used on to grind and polish:

  • Concrete
  • Terrazzo
  • Marble
  • Granite

Each one has a velcro backing and cloth tabs to make it easy to remove and swap out your tooling.

Contact Us for Inland Diamond Resin Pads

To learn more about what type of diamond resin pad is right for your surface grinding needs, or to get a quote on equipment and tooling, reach out to us today at  (815) 472-9754 or fill out our contact form to get started!