You are ready to add a commercial floor scraper to your equipment inventory so you can tackle more projects in less time and be more versatile in the work you do. Now that you’ve decided to purchase a floor scraper, you’re trying to decide between an electric “plug in” model and a battery-powered option. 

While one is not inherently better than the other, both have their benefits and are better suited to different tasks. To help you choose which option may be right for you, we’re taking a closer look at the qualities of electric and battery-powered floor scrapers and which one is right for you. 

Benefits and Drawbacks of a Battery Powered Floor Scraper

A battery powered scraper is generally equipped with a quiet, electric motor that is powered by a rechargeable battery, and both ride-on floor scrapers and walk-behind models may be battery powered. 

Additionally, if you are considering a ride-on floor scraper, they are only available in a battery or propane power supply, so if propane is off the table, you’re looking at battery power. 

Benefits of Battery-Powered Floor Scrapers

What sets the battery-powered scraper ahead of the electric is that it can be used almost anywhere. Because it’s cordless, you don’t have to worry about constantly having to look for an outlet or mess with extension cords, which is convenient. 

This means that if you do much of your work outdoors, say working on parking lots, sports tracks, or other exterior spaces away from outlets, you’ll want to consider a floor scraper that relies on battery power. 

Additional benefits include: 

  • Low operating costs
  • No emissions
  • Quiet operation

Drawbacks of Battery Powered Floor Scrapers

Batteries have limited power before they have to be charged. While scraper batteries vary from four hours to over eight hours of charge life, you will need to factor in how long you’ll be using the scraper before you need to charge it and even if you will have convenient proximity to a charging source.

Fortunately, most batteries do charge quickly, and knowing in advance how much battery time you have does give you the opportunity to plan your tasks accordingly.  

 Benefits & Drawbacks of Electric Floor Scrapers

Electric floor scrapers have a cord that plugs into an outlet, meaning as long as you’re near the power source, you can work with ease. Typically, electric floor scrapers are walk-behind models which offer great maneuverability and the opportunity to get in small spaces or go up or down levels more easily. 

Benefits of Electric Floor Scrapers

The leading benefit of the electric floor scraper is that it’s consistent. As long as you’re plugged in,  you can keep working, so there’s no waiting for a battery to charge. 

Like the battery-powered scraper, the electric offers: 

  • Low operating costs
  • No emissions
  • Quiet electric motor

Drawbacks of an Electric Scraper

With an electric scraper, you’re at the mercy of your cord. Unless you have a generator, you can’t work outdoors or in a building that doesn’t have power.

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