After a concrete floor has been polished, assuming it was done correctly, it can maintain its shine for several years. However, a floor polish isn’t permanent as foot traffic and equipment can dull the shine over time. Eventually, a polished concrete floor will need to be redone from time to time both for aesthetics, such as in shopping centers and showrooms, and for functionality, such as in warehouses and shipping areas.

While retail centers and places who require a more attractive look may benefit from a traditional polish with a grinder and resin pad, this intensive method can be more expensive and time consuming. For warehouses and spaces that utilize a polished floor for safety due to their reflective, dust-free surface, we recommend a burnish polish with a rotary grinder.

Check out the video below to see a burnish polish!

How to Burnish Concrete

While polishing concrete requires multiple steps using several different concrete resin pads to achieve a high-gloss, smooth finish, burnishing is a bit different. We use a rotary floor grinder that has one large disc and can quickly achieve an attractive shine.

The rotary grinder is outfitted with a diamond impregnated pad. These kind of “fuzzy” pads work well for a burnish polish because the natural hair pads have resin and diamond powders that allow it to restore the concrete to a glossy shine. Additionally, the pad is pliable and can shape to the floor. While it doesn’t get the ultra-smooth, near flawless look of a truly polished concrete, it does leave a reflective shine and an attractive finish.

When Should You Burnish Polish Concrete?

Because a burnish polish is so much faster and less labor intensive, it’s much less expensive. This makes it a great option for customers who are concerned with budget and gives surface preparation and concrete restoration companies an affordable alternative to offer over a standard, multi-step concrete polish. As we mentioned, it’s also a great alternative to use for warehouses and logistics centers, and other spaces where function is needed over aesthetics, but even in municipal areas and retail locations, it can be an affordable way to refresh a dull concrete.

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