Purchasing a commercial floor scraper is an investment in your company by increasing the versatility of work you can do, maximizing productivity, and reducing worker fatigue. We know you want to protect your investment, which is why we’re sharing some maintenance tips to keep your floor scraper functioning optimally for years to come. 

It’s important to note that while there are general maintenance tips that are applicable to every floor scraper, you should also only use approved floor scraper replacement parts and accessories. Additionally, make sure you keep your operator and user manual for product-specific maintenance and troubleshooting information.

Before performing maintenance, ensure the machine is shut down, unplugged (when applicable), and cool. 

Daily Floor Scraper Maintenance

Every day you use your floor scraper, you’ll want to make sure it’s safe, clean, and ready for use at the next job. This includes: 

  • Inspecting the safety devices, including the seat switch, e-stop, and reverse beep where applicable. 
  • Checking the blade for sharpness and that it’s securely attached and not loose.
  • Cleaning the wheels, castors, and wheel motors of any debris and build up. 
  • Inspect the hoses, fittings, and electrical cords for any tears, splits, or leaks. 
  • Cleaning the fan cover of any built up dust. 
  • Storing your floor scraper in a clean, dry environment to protect the motors from any heat, dust, or moisture.

Additionally, you’ll want to double-check the safety devices and blade prior to starting it the next time it’s used.

Monthly Floor Scraper Maintenance

Each month, add the following tasks to your maintenance: 

  • Grease the castor wheels
  • Check the internal parts for any leaks, wear, or other concerns, including the belts. 
  • Check hydraulic oil and spin-on hydraulic oil filter – change as needed according to manufacturer recommendations. 
  • Check engine oil and engine oil filter – change as needed according to manufacturer recommendations.

Annual Floor Scraper Maintenance Checklist

Each year, you’ll want to schedule a full maintenance overhaul on your floor scraper. This includes: 

  • Replacing the shock absorbing materials.
  • Comprehensive cleaning of the machine
  • Inspect and replace isolators and cutting head bearing. 
  • Changing out fluids, filters, and belts.

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