If you have an epoxy-coated floor, you don’t necessarily have to grind or blast the coating and take it down to bare concrete in order to apply a fresh coat. We are walking you through the tools and techniques you’ll need to properly recoat an epoxy floor so it will look good and hold up to wear and tear. To see these tips and techniques in action, watch the video below:

Can Your Epoxy Floor Be Recoated?

First, not all epoxy floors should be recoated. Do a thorough inspection of the existing coating, making sure that all the epoxy is attached, meaning there are no areas of peeling, bubbling, or places where it’s pulled away from the concrete. You’ll also want to look for areas of excessive wear and severe unevenness. If these conditions are present, recoating won’t work as it won’t properly bond. You’ll want to use a floor grinder or shot blaster to remove the existing coating and lay a fresh coat of epoxy.

Choosing the Right Sander and Sandpaper

Using the right sander and sandpaper is necessary to remove the glossy, smooth surface of the epoxy. Otherwise, the coating won’t grip or adhere. In the video, we used the Eddy Orbital Sander 3000 and 60-grit sandpaper. However, the 60-grit was too fine, and it left the surface shiny and smooth. Using 40-grit sandpaper got much better results, leaving the surface properly primed.

Why We Recommend the Eddy Orbital Sander 3000

The Eddy Orbital Sander 3000 is a powerful floor sander that has a large coverage area and a powerful, 3,450 RPM motor. This means that you can reduce your surface preparation time and make quick work on large projects. Additionally, the powerful, high-performance vacuum included reduces dust cleanup and creates a cleaner, healthier environment.

Applying the Epoxy

After using the sander to prime the surface, you’ll need to eliminate any dust or debris left over. Thoroughly vacuum the floor, then go over it with denatured alcohol or other cleaning solution and a disposable microfiber mop. This will get the best results, ensuring you have a clean area to start.

Mix your epoxy and, as you’ll see in the video, we pour in small stripes onto the surface. Then, we use an appropriate floor roller to ensure even, proper coverage. Once it’s complete, make sure you give it the proper time to cure before allowing foot or equipment traffic.

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