Shot blasting is an efficient, effective way to remove paint, oil, and thin coatings from concrete as well as achieve a profile that’s ideal for adding fresh layers of epoxy and urethane coatings. However, one of the common concerns our customers have is the cost of wasted shot as well as the time spent cleaning up shot that isn’t picked up by the shot blaster so it can be used repeatedly. If you’re experiencing this problem, check out our YouTube video below or keep reading to learn how you can reduce dropped shot from your shot blaster.

How Your Shot Blaster Works

First, let’s look at how a shot blaster works to understand how to reduce dropped shot. Shot is poured into the hopper, and when it’s turned on, the shot is moved into the blast housing where a rapidly turning wheel with extended fins is located. The shot hits the fins which pushes it out the opening at a high velocity where it chips away at the concrete, leaving the preferred profile.

After the shot hits the concrete, the attached dust collector picks it up along with any dust and debris created. The shot weighs more so it is suctioned back into the hopper so it is re-used repeatedly until it’s worn away and picked up by the dust collector.

Why Shot Gets Left by the Shot Blaster

While the shot is supposed to be picked up and cycled back into the hopper, that only happens if you’re using the proper dust collector. Using a single motor, 100 cubic feet per minute vacuum, that won’t provide the negative pressure (or suction) needed to pick up heavy steel shot. Instead, the dust and debris is picked up and the shot is left on the floor.

While you’ll want to pair your shot blaster with the recommended dust collector, most require a two motor, 200 CFM vacuum that can easily pick up shot as you work, recycling it through the machine and saving you time on clean up and labor costs, as well as reducing the supply costs.

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