Epoxy coatings on concrete are a great way to improve the look of a slab while making it easier to keep clean. When applied correctly, epoxy is resistant to impact, chips, stains, and abrasion, all of which unsealed concrete is vulnerable to. However, if an epoxy coating was applied incorrectly or proper surface preparation wasn’t performed prior to applying a coating, it may be chipping, cracking, or failing to adhere properly. If you need to remove an epoxy coating from a concrete floor, we’re walking you through the steps you need to take to do the job right. Check out the video below to watch us remove one in real time.

Why Use a Floor Grinder to Remove an Epoxy Coating

If an epoxy coating is beginning to chip, there are some people who would recommend using a metal scraping tool to remove some of the loose chips. Then, when some of the concrete is exposed, apply acetone or paint thinner to break down and dissolve the coating, using the scraper again, solvent, scrape, solvent, etc.

While this will get the epoxy coating off the floor, you will be putting in hours of tedious, exhausting labor as well as breathing in unpleasant solvents. The end result may still leave behind bits of epoxy or residue which can cause the next coating to fail again.

Instead, a floor grinder is a much safer option. While you should use a dust collector or a respirator to avoid breathing in dust, you won’t be exposed to the harsh fumes of corrosive chemicals. Just as important, you can use a floor grinder to remove the epoxy, strip the concrete down to a bare, clean surface, and have it ready for the next step in a fraction of the time.

How to Use a Floor Grinder to Remove Epoxy

An electric or propane floor grinder will grind through the epoxy down to the bare concrete, but it’s important to work slowly and methodically. We recommend moving forward gradually as you move the grinder back and forth in a left-right pattern. Not only will this remove the sealant it will level and smooth any imperfections in the slab at the same time.

To simply remove the top layer, a finer grit diamond pad will work the best, though if you want a heavier scratch pattern, a coarse grit diamond pad will be much more effective.

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