Working in surface preparation, we often hear the commonly held belief that polished concrete is maintenance free. While it’s a durable, attractive surface for both residential and commercial spaces that’s easy to take care of, there is some maintenance involved. In order to keep the surface looking smooth and glossy, a little bit of upkeep goes a long way. We’re sharing exactly what you need to know and the equipment you’ll need for your concrete slab maintenance.

How Does Polished Concrete Lose It’s Shine?

Polished concrete offers a smooth, non-porous surface that, with a proper sealant or coating and quick reaction if something spills, won’t stain or absorb water, and there are no fibers or joint lines to trap dirt, unlike most flooring. The problem is that in heavy traffic areas, dust, dirt, and small debris gets tracked in, and the same traffic that brings in the dirt presses it into the surface. Over time, small scuffs and scratches form, marring the shine and leaving visible flaws that make a once bright, gleaming floor look dull and dingy.

Caring for Concrete Floors

To avoid those scratches, daily cleaning is imperative. Make sure to sweep daily using a dry, disposable microfiber mop pad. Stiff, sponge-style mops can leave scratches, and reusable microfiber can lose it’s “cling” and won’t trap dirt, or, conversely, dirt will stay in the fibers between cleanings.

When it comes to mopping, only use a clean microfiber mop with a pH neutral cleaning agent on the floor as bleach, ammonia, vinegar, and most all-purpose cleaners will react with the concrete and etch the surface, and water alone leaves most of the dirt on the concrete. Neutral cleaners are designed to suspend dirt and break them down without reacting with the concrete, so it’s important to give these agents a bit of time to work.

For larger spaces or high-traffic commercial areas, consider a floor buffing machine or an automatic scrubber to keep the floors clean. These can be used regularly to remove dirt and renew the shine on the floors.

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