In order to prepare concrete for adding a coating or even adding a fresh layer of concrete, you need to add heavy texturing in order to increase the surface area and improve the bonding capability. Otherwise your epoxy, coating, or concrete won’t adhere well, leading to time-consuming and costly repairs.

In order to achieve a heavily textured concrete, consider using the STI Bush Hammer to get the job done quickly and easily. 

Watch it in action here:

What Is a Bush Hammer?

A bush hammer is a masonry tool that has cone or pyramid-shaped points coming out of a flat or curved surface. The tool can either be manual, like at the end of a hammer or as a tool that fits on a floor grinder. 

A bush hammer is often used in place of scabbling tools or stone flaming while still offering the aggressive profiling needed to prepare a surface for coating or create a non-slip concrete surface. In fact, using a bush hammer is ideal for achieving a concrete surface profile between a four and five. 

Why Choose the Substrate Technologies, Inc. Bush Hammer?

In order to make quick work of aggressive surface planing and texturizing, the STI bush hammer tool is an excellent option. Primarily used for heavy preparation tasks in order to lay down thick coatings, it’s also ideal for breaking up loose, cracked, or damaged concrete. While most grinding tasks and lighter texturizing is done with a diamond pad or diamond impregnated resin, the bush hammer does work that diamonds simply can’t do. 

It’s important to note that while the STI bush hammer is excellent for preparing surfaces to have coatings placed, they should not be used to remove existing coatings. Those tasks are better suited for grinders, floor scrapers, and shot blasters

To see the STI bush hammer at work, watch this video: 

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