Since 1976, Michigan-based manufacturing company Inland Diamonds has been producing diamond abrasive products used across multiple industries. We are proud to partner with Inland because we know they create and distribute high-quality, long lasting diamond abrasives used in surface preparation, but it goes beyond that. We sat down with Kevin Emery, Inland Divisional Vice President, and Kevin Emery, Jr., Inland Industrial Sales Representative to get a more in-depth look at what separates Inland Diamond from the competitors.

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About Inland Diamonds

Inland Diamonds is based in Madison Heights, Michigan. It’s not only where their home office is, it’s where all of their operations take place, including manufacturing and distribution. When they first opened their doors in 1976, they were primarily focused on diamond cutters and wheels used for surfacing and edging optical glass.

Today, they have grown to design, manufacture, and distribute chemical solutions and abrasives for solar glass, medical supplies, and concrete and stone grinding and polishing. With over 150 patents for both products and manufacturing techniques, they have set themselves apart as the pioneers in abrasive diamond products.

The Inland Diamond Difference

The number one priority at Inland Diamond, and what sets them apart from the competition, is their “never fail” mentality. They are dedicated to customer service and customer solutions, and that is apparent in several ways.

Everything is Made in Michigan

There are around 40 employees at Inland Diamond, over half of whom have been there for at least 20 years. Not only does this experience help to ensure continued quality, but by refusing to send production overseas, outsource manufacturing, or use materials that haven’t been thoroughly vetted, they know their strict standards for excellence will be maintained.

Focus on Innovation

As their 150 patents shows, Inland Diamond knows that innovation is key to continuing to stand out in the industry. Rather than follow other brands, they take pride in being pioneers, investing in new machinery and equipment that minimizes waste and scrap, maximizes throughput, and optimizes their processes, while putting out products that improve results.

Fast Solutions

While their standards are set to ensure minimal issues, every product has a dedicated work order so they can track problems quickly. Not only do they want to solve problems for their customers, they do everything they can to prevent repeating them.

Inland Diamond Understands Surface Preparation

When it comes to diamond abrasives for grinding and polishing stone and concrete, the people at Inland Diamond understand they have to know about the process to better help their customers. Instead of only knowing about their diamond pads, they understand how their products work in conjunction with the equipment. If a customer is having a problem, they take a look beyond the tooling and consider all the elements of the problem, from what setting the grinder is on and what surface they’re working with to how hard or soft the concrete is.

They ask the questions behind the question in order to create custom solutions for their clients.

Contact Us for Inland Diamond Tooling

At Buy Manufacturers Direct, we take pride in partnering with the manufacturers that make reliable, durable products that will help our clients get the best possible results. From densifiers to diamond pads, we trust Inland Diamond products to help improve the outcome of your surface preparation tasks, including grinding, honing, and polishing. To receive your best price or get more information, please contact a BMD representative at 815-472-9711.