In order to get a long-lasting mechanical polish on a concrete floor, grind away heavy coatings, or level an uneven slab, you need a durable, powerful floor grinder to help you do the job right. For medium to large projects like these, the PrepMaster 3030 or the PrepMaster 3038LP make excellent additions to your equipment inventory. Check out the video below to see these grinders in action or read more about them below.

About the Prep/Master 3030 Electric Floor Grinder

The Prep/Master 3030 is our most popular model of floor grinder and is designed to tackle surface preparation and polishing projects up to 10,000 square feet on concrete, terrazzo, and marble.

Power and Performance

This electric machine is equipped with a 30HP motor that can run as a single-phase or three-phase and is available in either a 230-volt model or a 480-volt option. Adding to the power is the unique pocket weight system that adds head pressure to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the machine.

Ease of Use

While this is a powerful machine, it glides smoothly across all types of surfaces making it easy to operate and its 30-inch working width covers large areas quickly. The pocket weights we mentioned above don’t just increase head pressure, removing them makes this much easier to transport than similar models while the standard water tank allows you to switch from a wet to dry floor grinding without any hassle.

About the Prep/Master 3038LP Propane Floor Grinder

The Prep/Master 3038LP is a propane-powered floor grinder that offers a similar experience to the electric model. Because of the fumes and noise, we don’t recommend using it in enclosed spaces, but it’s ideal for outdoor work where a power source may be challenging to access.

Like the Prep/Master 3030, this has a 30-inch working width, four tool plates, and an adjustable pocket weight system. However, this option is equipped with a 38 horsepower Kawasaki motor.

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