One of the most tedious aspects of a surface preparation task like grinding or polishing concrete floors is cleaning up the wet concrete slurry left behind. The wet, messy substance is not only difficult to clean from floors without a powerful wet vacuum, it cakes on tools and equipment, shoes, and walls, leaving behind a thick crust of concrete, once tackled only with strong, caustic acids. 

Fortuantely, with SlurrySafe AR, you have a safe, environmentally friendly alternative to muriatic acid to clean concrete slurry. More important, it works just as well as traditional hydrochloric acid for cleaning. Watch this video to see how SlurrySafe AR dissolves this chunk of 15 year old concrete: 


The Dangers of Concrete Slurry

As we mentioned, for years, the only effective way to remove concrete slurry residue and splatter from surfaces, equipment, and tools was to scrub it with hydrochloric or muriatic acid. Muriatic acid is an extremely caustic, dangerous chemical that can cause chemical burns and damage to lung, throat, and nose tissue when breathing the fumes. It can also corrode metal and plastic, causing damage to expensive equipment. While far from ideal, using this when cleaning after surface prep was really the only option.

A New Way to Clean Concrete Slurry

Fortunately, the R&D team at Slurry Solutions created SlurrySafe AR, a synthetic acid that works by targeting the calcium in the concrete and dissolving it, breaking down the slurry and making it easy to rinse away. This aggressive product is also safe to use on most plastics, metals, and rubbers, it doesn’t weaken adhesives, damage velcro or clothing, and it’s safe to come in contact with skin.

Envrironmentally Friendly Slurry Cleaning

Just as exciting as it’s strength and effectiveness at cleaning concrete residue without causing damage or injury is its eco-friendly qualities! SlurrySafe AR is 100 percent biodegradable, carries a “triple zero” hazardous material score, and is approved for use by the EPA as a “cleangredient.” You can safely rinse away concrete slurry from your tools, equipment, and off of walls without worrying about it going down a drain or having to use specific slurry cleaning protocols.

Learn More About SlurrySafe AR

In addition to cleaning slurry, you can also use SlurrySafe AR as a descaler, rust remover, grinding aid, and concrete dissolver. It is important to not use this product near concrete you don’t want damaged as it will leave serious etchings in a slab. To learn more about this effective cleaner, call our team at (815)472-7944!