The IMPACTS S210 shot blaster is a popular option because it is a compact shot blaster that offers the necessary power to profile concrete and remove existing coatings. It’s ideal for both residential and commercial surface preparation because it can fit into small spaces and is easy to transport and store.   

One of the other benefits to the S210 is that it is the first 110V shot blaster that includes the In-Line Separation system. As shot hits the surface, it is suctioned back up into the machine, separated from dust and debris, and circulated back into the hopper. This separation system cuts down on cleanup while ensures you’re getting more mileage out of your shot. 

However, if your shot isn’t being picked back up as you work, that is a sign the shot blaster doesn’t have the suction necessary to pull up the shot once it hits the ground. Check out our video below to see how to solve this problem or keep reading to learn more!


Why Your S210 Shot Blaster is Dropping Shot

Once shot hits the ground, the built in vacuum that picks up dirt and debris is also used to pick up shot, but if the suction isn’t powerful you may not have the negative pressure required to pull the shot back into the machine. Instead, it gets left on the ground, leaving a mess and wasting shot. 

Not having suction can be caused by two issues:

1.) Too much dust is being collected and may need to be emptied or cleaned.

2.) Not running the machine on a strong enough vacuum.

Using the Right Vacuum for the IMPACTS S210 Shot Blaster

This machine requires a 200 CFM (cubic feet per minute) vacuum. If you’re using a 100 CFM vacuum, the dust will be pulled up, but it’s not powerful enough to pull the shot into the hopper.

You can see in the video that the shot blaster is connected to a 100 CFM vacuum and the dust is removed but the heavier shot is left on the ground. However, when the blaster is connected to the 200 CFM vacuum, both the dust and shot is pulled into the machine and the shot is recycled. This saves time during cleanup and reduces operating costs. 

The video above shoes that it’s important to connect your equipment to the right vacuum. In fact, we recommend the Prep/Master 3003 AR Dust Collector – it has a powerful, 300 CFM airflow, an OSHA-compliant HEPA filter, and is easy to change with the Longopac removal system. 

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