We often talk about how a shot blaster is used to profile concrete, getting a rough texture that creates a non-slip surface or increasing the surface area to ensure a coating bonds properly. However, there is more to using a shot blaster than creating texture. Check out the video below to see how we use a shot blaster to get rid of all the surface dust to ensure epoxy will properly bond to a concrete floor.

Preparing Concrete for Epoxy Coatings

Before you lay a fresh coating of epoxy on a concrete surface, there are two things you need to do to get ready. First, read the manufacturer’s recommendations on what you need to do to prepare the surface and get the surface profile for the best results. Second, make sure the concrete is clean and free of dust and particles that can block the bonding of the epoxy and preventing the proper bond.

Most epoxy manufacturers recommend using a shot blaster on the concrete as the proper method of surface preparation. This profiles the concrete, increasing the surface area and adding a texture that allows the coating to grip the concrete as it cures. Following this step, you need to remove all the loose surface dust, and while there shouldn’t be an excessive amount if you’re using the proper dust collection system, there may still be a coating of powdery concrete dust left behind. We recommend using a vacuum wand and dust collector to safely and effectively the bulk of what is left behind.

Comprehensive Dust Removal on Concrete

While the vacuum does a great job at getting a majority of the leftover dust, it can still leave a bit behind in the crevices of the textured floor. That’s why we recommend going back over it with a shot blaster attached to a dust collector. In the video, we use the Prep/Master 3003AR Dust Collector with the Impacts S210E Shot Blaster and when you watch, you’ll see the incredible difference between just using a vacuum and using a shot blaster to get the dust and debris deep in the floor. This makes the difference between epoxy that is peeling away and epoxy that maintains its proper bond and appearance for years.

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