When it comes to removing floor coverings, having a ride-on floor scraper can save you hours or even days or exhausting, expensive labor compared to using a manual scraper. Not only is a scraper fast, it’s versatile, able to quickly remove everything from carpet and sheet vinyl to rubberized floor coatings and thick epoxy. 

Because it can tackle so many tasks, it’s important to know how you can get the best performance from your scraper no matter what you’re working on. Having a floor scraper weight kit is one way to your optimize your scraper’s performance and improve its effectiveness. 

What Does a Floor Scraper Weight Kit Do?

Most commercial floor scrapers and floor strippers come with pocket weights. These are small, concentrated weight plates that fit around the front of the scraper, near the blade. By adding pressure to the front of the machine, the blade is pushed into the surface and is able to more easily “catch” the covering and evenly remove it. This reduces the labor required to operate the machine. 

However, having a front-heavy floor scraper is not always ideal for every project. The heavy-duty jobs – like taking up materials that are highly bonded to the surface, like mastic, epoxy, or VCT, require added pressure, but the scraper needs to have evenly distributed weight. That’s where a floor scraper weight kit comes in handy. Attaching to the back of the ride-on floor scraper, the weight kit adds up to 600 pounds to balance and provide leverage to the equipment. 

Do You Need a Floor Scraper Weight Kit?

If you use a ride-on floor scraper in your surface preparation and you want to improve your scraper’s effectiveness and get the leverage you need, you should absolutely add a floor scraper weight kit to your equipment inventory. Not only can it help you complete jobs more quickly, it can reduce wear on your blades by allowing the machine to do more of the work than the blade itself. With the added pressure and weight, the blade can easily catch and pull up the flooring evenly, instead of getting stuck or gliding over the surface.

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We are proud to carry Blastrac floor scrapers as they are known for their innovative technology and durability and take surface preparation to a new level of excellence. The Blastrac BMS 280LP is an investment that will pay off in time saved and jobs completed, especially when optimized with a Blastrac weight kit and the other scraper accessories we carry. To learn if the BMS 280LP or the weight kit is right for you or to get a free quote, reach out to our product experts today at  (815) 472-9754 or by filling out our contact form to get started!