One of the steps we frequently mention when talking about polishing concrete is applying a concrete densifier. While we have talked about how many coats of concrete densifier to use or how to tell if you need densifier, we wanted to take a closer look at what this commonly used chemical is, how it works, and why you need to use it.

Understanding Soft Concrete

Before we look at the chemical, we want to understand the issues with concrete itself. Concrete is made up of cement, aggregate like sand or gravel, and water. When too much water is mixed in or the aggregate isn’t evenly distributed, the crystalline bonds within the cured cement are spread out. This creates a soft, highly porous slab that is easy to damage, stain, and crack as well as difficult to grind and polish.

Polishing smooths out the uneven surface of the concrete. If it’s too soft or porous, small chunks of concrete are chipped out of the substrate, that hinders the smooth, even surface and decreases the shine.

What Is a Densifier

A concrete densifier is a liquid chemical that is used to transform a soft, easily damaged slab into one that is much more wear resistant and easy to grind. When applied to concrete, it soaks into the pores and reacts with the calcium hydroxide within the slab, creating a stronger, more tightly bonded crystalline structure.

After it is applied and soaks in, the surface density is increased and the porosity is reduced. The end result is a concrete that is more resistant to stains, cracks, and abrasion.

When Should You Use a Densifier?

Concrete densifier can be used pretty much any time you polish concrete. It should absolutely be used on soft concrete after the initial grind and before moving to the polishing pads on the floor grinder to prevent any micro-chunks of concrete from being chipped away. However, even hard concrete can benefit from an application of densifier after polishing it. Not only does it reduce dust and prevent damage, it amplifies the shine. The chemical fills in any small voids, scuffs, and cracks that would mar the glossy surface and because it is significantly more resistant to abrasion, the shine will last longer.

How to Apply Concrete Densifier to Your Slab

Densifier is incredibly easy to work with. After grinding the concrete, you’ll want to thoroughly clean any dust and debris or slurry off the slab. Once it’s clean, we recommend using a Contec floor mop with a disposable microfiber mop pad to apply the liquid. First, spraying a bit on the pad to soak in, then spraying an even coating on the concrete slab and spreading it in with the mop.

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