When you are polishing a concrete slab, it’s important to add a concrete densifier, but at what point should you do this? Is there a hard and fast rule as to when you should densify the concrete? As part of our how-to series, we’re looking at how to densify concrete and get the best results.

To get more insight into this as well as learn more about chemically polishing concrete, check out our video below.

What Is Concrete Densifier?

First, let’s look at what a concrete densifier does. Many people think it makes the concrete harder, but really, it makes it denser, as its name suggests. The chemical seeps into the concrete and chemically reacts with the calcium hydroxide to produce calcium silicate hydrate. This fuses the crystalline structure within the slab, filling pores and voids, making it much denser. The slab is more resistant to impact and abrasion, so the polish will last longer.

When to Use Concrete Densifier When Polishing Concrete.

To answer the question above, no there is not a hard and fast rule as to when you should apply a densifier. While we do recommend using it after using the final transitional pad that grinds rather than hones or polishes, you may need to use a densifier prior to this.

If your slab is soft and as you grind with a 40 or 70 grit pad you’re getting significantly more dust than usual, this is when we would recommend using the concrete densifier. The sand is being pulled from the slab when you grind, so adding the chemical will anchor those sand crystals and improve the results of your grind. On the other hand, if the slab is grinding well and has a hard surface, wait until you are ready to move to a 100 grit resin pad.

The key is to be aware of your conditions and be willing to adapt and adjust your process without skipping any steps or taking shortcuts.

How to Apply Concrete Densifier

Fortunately applying concrete densifier is a very quick, simple process. Simply vacuum up any dust from the slab after the most recent grinding process, then add densifier to the slab. It’s a thinner liquid, so using a microfiber mop to spread the chemical around ensures even coverage.

It dries quickly, so once the slab is dry, you can move onto the next stage in the polishing process.

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