Applying a thick, epoxy coating to a concrete floor is an excellent way to make your floors more durable and impact resistant while also offering an anti-fatigue cushioning. When you’re applying an epoxy coating, it is absolutely essential to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines, especially regarding thickness and surface preparation. 

We will go into more detail below, but first, check out the video below, where you’ll see a 375 millimeter (mm), or 14-inch piece of epoxy cure, and how it behaves when 100 percent solids epoxy is poured too thick.

What Is 100 Percent Solids Epoxy?

Epoxy that is labeled 100 percent solids means there are no fillers, such as water or solvents that will evaporate during the cure. Containing a resin and a hardening agent, after it has cured, it should remain the same thickness as it had when poured. When applied correctly to a properly prepared surface, it should offer a hard, durable surface that lasts for several years. 

Why Is Thickness Limited in an Epoxy Floor

When you apply epoxy neat, without filler, it’s generally applied no thicker than 35 mils. As you see in the video, when epoxy cures, it creates tension. The tension, created by cross-linking, is a mechanical action that binds the coating to the substrate. Too much tension, and the coating can pull apart the substrate. 

In the video, the amount of epoxy pulls against the plastic at a pressure rate of 12,000 psi. If this were concrete, it would pull at the slab, and could pop right off the surface with repetitive dynamic loads caused by the weight of foot traffic and vehicles.

If the coating pops off the substrate, the whole coating will need to be removed and a fresh coat would need to be applied, which can be both expensive and time-consuming.

Properly Preparing Concrete for Epoxy

Prior to applying a 100 percent solids epoxy, be familiar with the manufacturer’s instructions for how to apply it. You may need to use a shot blaster to create the necessary surface profile that increases you’re slab’s surface area and provides a better adhesion. 

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