In order to keep your IMPACTS S210E 40R shot blaster working efficiently, you need to keep up with regular maintenance. At BMD, we carry all the shot blaster replacement parts you need to keep your equipment up and running. From replacement cables and liner kits to blast wheels, we have the gear to keep it going strong.

However, we know you need to know how to replace these parts correctly, so to help you out, we’re providing a step-by-step guide on changing the blast wheel on your IMPACTS S210E 40R shot blaster. To get a better idea of how to change your blast wheel, watch the step-by-step video below!

Tools to Change Your Shot Blaster Blast Wheel

Before you get started, make sure you have the right tools:

You may also want to grab a small dish to keep the nuts you remove in so they don’t get misplaced or lost.

Steps to Remove the Old Blast Wheel

First, follow these steps to remove the old wheel: 

  • Remove the urethane feed spout from the front of the blast cover. 
  • Loosen the clamps on the side of the control cage and remove the control cage and discard it.
  • Loosen and remove the four nuts that hold the blast housing cover in place and take the cover off.
  • Wedge a hammerhead or a wooden block between the blast wheel and the side of the machine to keep the wheel still. Using the Allen wrench, loosen the cap screw on the wheel and remove.
  • Discard the old blast wheel.

Attaching the New Blast Wheel to Your Impacts Shot Blaster

Once the old part is removed and discarded, follow these steps to put the new wheel in place:

  • Line up the three notches on the blast wheel with the three pins on the blast wheel hub. You may need to rotate the wheel until you feel the pins and notches line up.
  • Insert the cap screw and tighten to secure the wheel in place, making sure to lock the wheel with a hammerhead or wood block to keep it from turning while you’re trying to get it tight. 
  • Put the blast wheel cover back on, securing with the nuts.
  • Attach the new control cage, making sure to put the new notches at 8:30 and 10:30, as if you’re looking at a clock, then use the clamps to hold the control cage in place.
  • Finally, add the red rubber coupling and roll it up to seal the gap between the feed spout. 

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