The IMPACTS S210E Shot Blaster is a compact shot blaster that’s ideal for residential and smaller commercial areas. This is the first 110V shot blaster with the In-Line Separation system, meaning that as shot is cycling down, hitting the surface, and bouncing back into the machine, it’s being separated from dirt, dust, and debris. This means you’re reusing your shot while minimizing air hazards. 

As part of our “How To” series, the shot blaster experts from Buy Manufacturers Direct are walking you through how to change the shot blaster liner of your S210E Shot Blaster. 

What is the Purpose of a Shot Blaster Liner? 

When you’re operating your shot blaster, you’re seeing the effects of high velocity shot being propelled onto a surface. It’s powerful enough to remove paint, strip urethane coating, and create a rough, highly textured concrete surface. The same action you see outside of the shot blaster is occurring inside the shot blaster.

To reduce wear and damage to the inside of your shot blaster, a shot blaster liner should be equipped, preferably a heavy metal option. The purpose of a shot blaster liner is to protect the inner surfaces of the shot blasting equipment, such as blast cabinets or blast wheels, from abrasive wear and damage. It serves as a sacrificial barrier, preventing direct contact between the abrasive media and the underlying equipment components, thus prolonging the lifespan of the equipment and ensuring efficient and effective shot blasting operations.

Signs of a Failing Shot Blaster Liner

You should check your cabinet interior on a regular basis to catch any signs of wear before it becomes a problem. Signs of a failing shot blaster liner typically include increased abrasive wear and tear on the liner’s surface, reduced efficiency in shot blasting operations, and a noticeable decline in the quality of the blasted surface finish. 

Frequent liner replacements or repairs, increased dust emissions, and diminished productivity are key indicators that the liner may be in need of immediate attention to maintain optimal shot blasting performance.

It’s time to change your shot blaster liner if you see the following signs: 

  • Shot propelled out of the blaster from the sides or top of the cabinet
  • Holes or dents on the cabinet coming from the inside.
  • A change in sound when the machine is running.
  • A wavy or rippled look inside the interior of the cabinet.

If there is a hole in the machine that’s causing shot to escape or be propelled out of the sides or top, don’t use the machine until it can be repaired. For other issues, check the shot blaster liner to see if that is where the issue is.

Materials Needed to Change Your Shot Blaster Liner

Before you get started, you’ll need to grab the following tools to prepare for changing our shot blaster liner: 

How to Remove the Old Shot Blaster Liner

When it comes to maintaining the efficiency and effectiveness of your IMPACTS S210E Shot Blaster one crucial aspect to consider is the condition of the shot blaster liner. Over time, these liners can wear down or become damaged, necessitating replacement to ensure seamless blasting operations. 

Follow these steps to remove your old shot blaster liner system:

  • Take off the feed spout, then, using your wrench, you’ll want to remove the control cage.
  • Unfasten the cover plate to expose the blast wheel.
  • Remove the blast wheel using your socket and ratchet. 

Now, you can more easily get the liner out: 

  • Loosen the center bolt from the top of the back of the shot blaster. It doesn’t need to be removed, just loose.
  • Tilt the shot blaster back, exposing the bottom, and remove the nuts that attach the two side liners to the blaster.
  • Take out the side liners, by pushing them in slightly, and turning them sideways to tilt them down and pulling them out. 
  • Take out the blast wheel if you haven’t already, and remove the top liner. That often requires a hammer to knock it out so you can remove it. 

How to Insert the New S210E Shot Blaster Liner

Ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of your IMPACTS S210E Shot Blaster involves periodic maintenance, including the replacement of worn or damaged shot blaster liners. By following these instructions, you can maintain the efficiency of your equipment, ultimately leading to improved blasting results and prolonged service life.

Now that the old gear is out, it’s time to replace it with a new liner system: 

  • Position the top liner inside the housing, tapping it into place with a hammer. 
  • Add the new side liners to the inside, then reattach the side nuts, tightening them by hand, first, then finishing with the socket.
  • Tighten the top bolt back to push the top and side liners snugly together.
  • Put back the hub and blast wheel, making sure to line the blast wheel up on the two pins and tightening it down.
  • Replace your cover plate, lining it up properly, and replace the control cage, fitting the two notches on at approximately 8:00 and 10:00. 
  • Replace your feed spout. 

Be sure to watch the video below for a visual guide of how to change your shot blaster liner. 

How Often Should You Change Your Shot Blaster Liner? 

The frequency of shot blaster liner replacement depends on factors like liner material, abrasive media, usage intensity, and material being processed. In general, industrial users may need to replace their liners every few months to a year, but regular visual inspections and considerations of these variables are crucial for determining the optimal replacement timing to maintain efficient blasting operations and prevent downtime.

The better option than waiting for damage to occur is to change your liner with regular maintenance. If you use a shot blaster “full-time,” you’ll want to inspect it at least once a month and replace it annually.

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