When you think about surface preparation equipment used on concrete, you’re probably considering large machines used to tackle hundreds or thousands of square feet, like a concrete grinder or shot blaster. But what about when you need to take a coating off concrete in a small area or on a wall? It may be time to consider using a needle scaler.

Watch the video to see a Von Arx Needle Scaler break up concrete.

What Is a Needle Scaler?

A needle scaler, also called a needle gun, is a handheld tool that has a cluster of metal chisels on one end that look like long, thick needles. Powered by compressed air, the pneumatic rods move at a variable, yet rapid pace to chip away at a surface. While needle scalers are often used on metal to remove rust or caked on grease and oil, they’re also highly effective on concrete and stone. In fact, they’re often used in restoration and sculpting projects to add texture to stone.

Using a needle scaler on concrete allows you to get in difficult to reach areas or places where a larger machine can’t reach. Removing paint or epoxy, adding texture, or creating non-slip steps are common uses for a needle scaler as it effectively chips away at the surface, leaving a surface profile between three and four.

Why Choose Von Arx Needle Scalers

At Buy Manufacturers Direct, we are proud to sell Von Arx Needle Scalers. For over 80 years, they’ve been leading designer and manufacturer of surface preparation tools and equipment thanks to their innovation in industrial design and mechanical engineering.

The Von Arx 45B Needle Scaler used in the video above has 49 needles that move at variable speeds around 5,000 times a minute, thanks to 100 psi of air pressure. While it’s incredibly powerful, it’s also lightweight and designed to be comfortable to hold and operate so you can get the work done easily. For improved safety and efficiency, connect it to a dust collector to minimize silica dust in the air and minimize clean up.

Order Your Needle Scaler Today

If you need a versatile, handheld tool for concrete and metal, order a needle scaler from Von Arx today. We have both the heavy-duty 45B and the smaller NP23-K model for lighter duty. To learn more, reach out to us today at 815-472-9740.